Ahhh hostels. The best and most affordable way to travel these days (in my opinion anyway). Great for young, old, families, people on a budget, people looking for one night's kip or people staying put for a week. It's not a hotel though, and with the amazing perks also come some UNSPOKEN rules that you... Continue Reading →


Two days of goodbyes: Paracas

After our day in Ica, the four of us headed to a small desert town called Paracas. We were originally on planning on getting a cab to the bus station and then a bus to Paracas, but our cab driver ended up offering to take us straight to Paracas (an hour and a half drive)... Continue Reading →

Day 35: Huacachina, a Desert Oasis

The last two days of solo travel were the most relaxing and vacation-like days of the trip. When I woke up on the coach in the morning, my spirits were very low. We were suddenly so far away from Cusco and were driving through the seemingly endless coastal deserts of Peru. When we arrived in... Continue Reading →

Machu Picchu

The first thing we did when we got to Cusco was book our trip to Machu Picchu. We booked a two day trip through our hostel, which included all transportation, hostel stay, entrance ticket and guide. On the second day in Cusco, we left in the morning and took a bus to a town called... Continue Reading →

Day 24-28: Iquitos

Iquitos is a very interesting city. It's the largest city not accessible by road, and has a population of around 500,000 people. This was a huge change of scenery from the places we'd been before. The change from secluded, quiet communities to a huge city with busses, hotels and an airport was an adjustment, but... Continue Reading →

Day 19-23: Puerto Miguel

The next 5 days were memorable to say the least. Firstly, in order to get from Nauta to our next destination Puerto Miguel, we took a two hour boat ride down the river. I don't usually like boat rides, but this was amazing. Stunning views of wildlife on the shores and great weather. When we... Continue Reading →

Day 17-19: Nauta

We spent two days in Nauta, which was a much needed change of scenery after being on the boat. I have never been so grateful for just sleeping on the floor on my sleeping mat. Also, the place had one shower which felt amazing. If this trip has taught me one thing already, it's to... Continue Reading →

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